Machines that are linked together, like the Duma machines, offer a particularly large jackpot because every one of the slot machines in this group contributes. A portion of the money played on these machines goes towards making the overall jackpot higher. The more people play, the higher it goes, and the jackpot continues to grow until someone hits the winning symbols for the top award.

There is a single payline and each of the three animated reels carries in random order the numbers 1 to 10, with 9 and 10 hidden behind the Duma logo. Touch these to reveal the underlying numbers or wait for them to appear automatically. For as little as R3 you can stand a chance to be the next Duma millionaire!

  • Adding the three numbers on the payline gives your total score. It couldn't be easier!
  • If you score 29 or 30: you win the Mega Duma jackpot value displayed on the progressive meter overhead!
  • If you score 28: you win the Supa Duma jackpot displayed.
  • If you score 26 or 27: you win the Mini Duma jackpot displayed.
  • If you score from 3 to 25: you win R100 x your score.

…for the highest payout! The sky's the limit here! The jackpot carries a R600 000 start value and grows rapidly whenever someone plays a Duma slot machine – so remember, you're playing against all of South Africa. There is no limit to how high the jackpot will go – could you be the next Duma millionaire?

When you first enter the Duma jackpot game, the excitement builds as Duma gathers the clouds to determine your jackpot fate – and if you are the Duma jackpot winner, everyone will know 'you're the man' as Mandoza's Nkalakhatha plays in celebration. Nkalakatha is a slang term used in the townships meaning 'the boss', 'the champion' or 'the winner'. Which would be you, of course.

Legal note:
The jackpot information displayed is for information purposes only and does not give an indication of future wins on the respective slot machines. Winning combinations are randomly generated. Persons using this information do so at their own risk. The casino operator will not accept liability arising out the use of this information. It is possible for malfunctions to occur to the system providing this information or that the information displayed is not in real time or has not been updated. Also, it is possible for the machines positioned and/or games offered at the locations displayed to have changed. Enquiries regarding the afore-going changes may be directed to the slot machine department.